PIM Chapters

As the Program Administration team continues to develop the entire Program Implementation Manual (PIM), the proposed drafts are going to be published here. The following chapters could either be:

    1. In Progress – The team is drafting the chapter
    2. Drafted and ready for comment – The first version of the chapter is posted here and stakeholder comment is collected from a corresponding form
    3. Submitted for OPUC review – The OPUC is reviewing and providing comments on the chapter. The PA team is adjusting policy based on feedback.
    4. Submitted for Commissioner Approval – The chapter is approved by the Commissioner and its final version will be posted here for download.

Providing Feedback

Individuals and organizations are encouraged to provide public feedback on PIM chapters. The form associated with each chapter provides fields to organize feedback by section and includes an additional field for general or miscellaneous feedback. We request only one submission per individual or organization so please make sure to consolidate your feedback.

Available for Review:

First drafts of the following items are available for your review. Please provide your feedback at the form links accompanying to each document.

PIM Chapters:

  • There are no chapters posted for feedback. All previously reviewed chapters have been posted below.

Previously Posted Chapters:

The comment period for these chapters have closed. Thank you to those who submitted their feedback!

Supplemental Documents:

Stakeholder Webinars

Kickoff WebinarMay 10, 2019
Pre-Certification Stakeholder Engagement Webinar – July 11, 2019