PIM Development Intro

The Program Implementation Manual (PIM) is the backbone of the community solar program. When complete, the PIM will contain all of the additional rules, requirements and procedures that make up the Oregon Community Solar Program. Creating the PIM is one of the critical activities happening during the development phase of the program. The Program Administration team and OPUC staff have divided the PIM into five sections. The sections will be drafted in parallel, to help get the program up and running as quickly as possible. Each section of the PIM will go through its own cycle of development, starting with input gathering, and followed by multiple drafts and rounds of revision. Each section will have its own stakeholder comment period about halfway through its development cycle.


Stakeholders who indicate that they want to provide input on program requirements when they sign up for the interest list will be notified at several points during the development cycle of each of the five sections:

  1. When initial input is sought (as needed),
  2. When a draft is ready for written comment, and
  3. When the section is finalized.

When all the sections are finalized, the full PIM will be assembled and submitted for final approval by the Commission.

If you would like to be updated when chapters become available, please sign up to our interest list here.

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Project Manager PIM Chapter

The Project Manager section of the Program Implementation Manual (PIM) is under development. The PA team and Oregon Public Utility Commission (OPUC) Staff are currently seeking focused input from stakeholders on specific Project Manager requirements.

***UPDATE: The PA team collected input through an engagement survey which is now closed. Responses were considered in chapter development.


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